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Russian youths dance in a ballroom dancing competition.
Ballroom Dancing...
The Grand Prospect Hall has a long history of international diversity beginning with its origins as a forum for social expression and a temple of the arts in the late 19th century. Its home of Brooklyn is also known for its melting pot roots. The tradition continues with the wide array of traditional cultural events, particularly weddings, that the hall hosts: Arabic, Asian, Caribbean, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Yugoslavian. You name it--we've served it. And served it with the style and grace appropriate to the loveliness of the setting. Our kitchen and staff are experts at arranging special cultural events and menu requests. In addition, The Grand Prospect Hall has developed a thorough expertise in kosher, kosher-style and glatt kosher catering for any size crowd and any type of event, particularly weddings. Just read our letters of recommendation from satisfied clients. Our glatt kosher kitchen meets the regulations of dimension, access, storage, and rabbi supervision. In addition, we can provide information on glatt kosher and kosher menu requirements. Contact us for details.Click here to see more pictures of traditional events.



Did you know that The Grand Prospect Hall has long been a key meeting place for the many cultural groups who have made Brooklyn one of the most diverse cities on the planet? Click here for more about the hall's history and trivia.


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