Gregory Hines
Tap dance legend Gregory Hines, dancing at the Hall.
Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turnet, John Huston, and Angelica Huston
The Who's Who of Hollywood, posing at the Grand Prospect Hall.
New York City Catering Hall

Angelica Houston at Wedding Hall

Movie star Angelica Huston

Prospect Hall's ties to the entertainment industry go back to its very beginnings. In addition to the many stars who have performed here (Enrico Caruso, Sophie Tucker, Mae West, Sonja Henie, Fred Astaire), the Hall was also home to a movie company. In 1908, when the industry was in its infancy, owner John Kolle's son Herman opened The Crescent Motion Picture Company. Movies were actually produced on location and shown in the open-air garden.

However, the company was closed when competitor Thomas Edison threatened legal action. The hall was a set for Frances Ford Coppola's Cotton Club; John Huston's Prizzi's Honor, and Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums. Imagine Gregory Hines tap-dancing along the birds-eye maple parquet floors and grand marble staircase, or Jack Nicholson eyeing Angelica Huston and dancing with Kathleen Turner in the ballroom wedding scene. Gene Hackman and Gwyneth Paltrow dined together on ice cream by the doors to the Grand Ballroom.

American Express filmed one of its classic commercials with bridal couturier Vera Wang. Fashionista photographer Steven Meisel shot a lavish masquerade ball for the cover and a dozen spreads in Vogue magazine, and Life magazine ran ten pages of ballroom dancing in the various ballroom spaces.

Performing artists like Foxy Brown, Eve with the Ruff Ryders, Cyndi Lauper and Anthrax have all filmed stunning and fantastic music videos at the hall. The staff at Grand Prospect Hall is highly experienced in arranging location shoots and provides hands-on attention and service. Let us take the worry out of production and provide a unique, convenient, and beautiful location for still photography, commercials or extensive film shoots.

We can also provide storage space, talent, and extras. Scout us out for more information.


Did you know that The Grand Prospect Hall was one of the original homes of a new turn-of-the-century industry called "motion pictures?" That is, until Thomas Edison reputedly forced the company to close. Click here for more hall history.


Hines at our Brooklyn Catering Hall

Star Gregory Hines with Mr. & Mrs. Halkias

Julie Andrews at our Brooklyn Catering Hall

Julie Andrews appreciates getting the star treatment at the
Grand Prospect Hall.