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Wedding Foods
At The Grand Prospect Hall we take just as much pride in our cuisine as our setting. Our gourmet chef uses only the freshest and most natural ingredients--so market-fresh that ingredients are often delivered just hours before an event. Dining here is a mouth-watering; five-star experience, where no luxury is spared. And we can create a menu for any taste. Just as Brooklyn is home to almost every nationality, our range of dishes is truly global. Indeed, you could say that diversity is our specialty. Along with a superb classical and nouveau French and Italian menu, we also offer an international array of options: Arabic, Asian, Caribbean, German, Greek, Indian, Pakistani, Persian, Polish. Our staff is thoroughly familiar with the wedding ceremonial procedures and customs of many cultural groups. This includes recent immigrants or first or second generation new Americans, such as Russian, and Yugoslavian. You name it — we've served it. And served it with the style and grace appropriate to the loveliness of the setting. In particular, our staff has developed a thorough expertise in glatt kosher , kosher and kosher-style catering. It is the great food combined with a professional, tuxedo-clad wait staff and French white-glove service that elevates your event to a fine-dining delight. Call us for some of our menu choices and services. Just as with every other aspect of any Grand Prospect Hall function, we work with each client to custom-design the festivity's fare. If you wish it, we will prepare it.

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Did you know that the cuisine at The Grand Prospect Hall has been diverse since its elegant beginnings as a German opera house? The international array of dishes that have been served here since 1892 spans the globe.




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